Other Uses of FAR 12


FAR 12.102(g)(i) states “….the CO also may use Part 12 for any acqusition for services that does not meet the definition of commercial item in FAR 2.101 if the contract or task order is entered into on or before November 24, 2013;”

Why is this particular date mentioned?  What is special about it?


Excellent question! This is one of those clauses in the FAR that has a list of conditions including an “and” statement that means all conditions on the list must be met in order to qualify. Be careful not to think that the opportunity is broad.

As for the specific date of November 24, 2013, I don’t know why that date is important other than it was probably exactly two or three years (or some other time) from the date of legislative approval. When other changes were made to FAR 12 in the past, they were implemented for two years and we all wondered if they would be extended. As such, expect to see an update extending this date and/or modifying the list of conditions.

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