To Hire or Not Hire A Consultant

Do you change your own oil take your car to a mechanic or garage? Do you possess the requisite knowledge for changing oil and have access to the proper tools? Do you have an approved method and location for used oil disposal? Even if you are capable of changing the oil, are you experienced enough to inspect the ancillary systems such as brakes, tires, belts, hoses, and fluids?

My grandfather, an auto mechanic of 30+ years might be slightly disappointed in the fact that I do not perform my own car maintenance. Then again, he realized near the end of his career in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s that technology (namely electronic components) were displacing a lot of traditional car parts. Adjustable mirrors, electric seats, and removal of carburetors were only the beginning. While I have the basic knowledge of how to change the oil in my car, inspect the tires, and can jump-start a car with cables, I rely on certified mechanics and dealerships to work on my car. I don’t even trust shade tree mechanics anymore.

So, what about your business? Do you know contracts, accounting, HR, IT, and operations? Are you an expert in all of these areas? Chances are that you have hired skilled and experienced employees for some key areas, but are they experts? Can they see and address issues in ancillary systems? Chances are you need an expert – a consultant.

Register for our Business Readiness Assessment™ or Government Contractor Readiness Assessment™ today to measure your ability to identify and address the ancillary systems (functions) in your organization. Each assessment includes a consultation to evaluate your individual situation and develop a preliminary plan forward. Much like getting an oil change and finding out you need brakes, tires, and a serpentine belt, identifying your strength in marketing may highlight your need for help with contracts and accounting.

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