We are available to assist with a variety of projects from Kaizen facilitation to project management, on matters of process improvement, system design, or implementation.

Kaizen Events – Process Improvement

Kaizen is a business philosophy or system based on making positive changes on a regular basis to improve productivity. While many recognize Kaizen in the manufacturing environment, its philosophy and principles are applicable in the administrative or professional environment. Kaizen events (meetings) typically last a few hours to a few days, are focused on implementing immediate changes, and provide follow-up to carry out long-term changes. Some engagements are designed for regular meetings over time.

Previous Kaizen Engagements

  • Contract review process – primary goal to cut processing time to 7 days or less.
  • Month-end close process – primary goal to show bottlenecks and cut processing time to 3 days as required by external management.
  • Marketing opportunities – primary goal to rate previously identified marketing opportunities.
  • Proposal to award – develop a consistent process for all space programs.

Project Management – System Design and Implementation

  • Accounting re-implementation – (IFS, January 2013, Project Manager) cost accounting system redesign and implementation for FAR 31 compliance and preparation for CAS requirements.
  • ERP implementation – (IFS, August 2009, Finance Leader, Steering Committee) full system implementation of accounting, customer orders, purchasing, manufacturing, engineering, HR, and document management.
  • ERP implementation – (IFS, August 2008, Finance and HR Team Leader) full system implementation of accounting customer orders, purchasing, manufacturing, engineering, HR, projects, and document management. Prior to implementation, this organization maintained 19 separate systems in a hub-and-spoke topology where only some systems synchronized with the main accounting system.
  • Web time cards and expense reports – (xpdOffice, April 2006, Project Manager) special implementation of electronic time cards and expense reports with synchronization to Quickbooks.
  • Quickbooks implementation – (January 2005, Project Manager) design and implementation of Quickbooks for a small government contractor. Focus of design on cost pools, allocations, rate development, and government contract accounting compliance.

Other Projects

  • Export compliance manual
  • Technology Control Plan
  • Employee handbook
  • Employee orientation program
  • Employer HR handbook