The Struggle with Success

I know many of you struggled (or are struggling) with growing pains in your business – it’s often one of the many reasons we are called, to help our clients get to things they don’t have time to do. Recently, we’ve experienced that pain ourselves. The pain of becoming successful.

The positive side: new clients, new projects, new goals and new achievements.

The negative side: delayed responses to email and phone calls, missed deadlines, and late invoices.

How I maintain balance during growth

The success is great but sometimes growth too fast can be painful. But pain can be good, it helps people grow. If you’re a gym fanatic like me, you’re used to muscling through growing pains that come from working hard.

Being successful in your personal life can be a challenge. Making time for healthy eating, meaningful exercise and quality sleep can become cumbersome, making success a confusing thing.

Personally, I make time for all of those things. I know those things are invaluable to why I’m successful with my business, and to me, they are too important to skimp on.

Although, doing those things can feel exhausting, the constant search for “vegetarian,” “vegan,” or “gluten-free” options, mapping locations close to the hotel or office, finding a grocer or health food store where I can grab snacks. It all takes time and dedication.

On top of that, I set aside 45-90 minutes a day (5 days/week) to work out and I always allow myself 7-8 hours of undisturbed REM sleep. I know anything else could make me too tired or alter my sleep patterns for work the next day.

Everything outside of work, I do has meaning and a purpose. It helps fuels my brain and my body. It prepares me for and helps me recover from meaningful exercise. It clears my brain and aids in quality sleep. It keeps me strong and healthy, regulates my blood pressure, and aids in other body functions. It keeps me awake, refreshed, focused, and motivated on the day ahead. Most importantly it allows me to tackle every client’s project with a clear mind. An imbalance in any of these areas doesn’t allow me to work at full capacity. Because I stay healthy, I am successful. I achieve daily goals as well as client goals and I don’t have to worry about any health issues getting in my way. To try to organize the chaos that comes with success I believe every team and business must allow for the time it takes to maintain health, wellness and overall quality of life. While that can add to the stress and struggle of a business’s growing pains it is vital in order to keep that success rolling.

So, how is Left Brain Professionals dealing with it all?

An update on our business and service

We’re hiring, of course! A wise person once told me, “be slow to hire and quick to fire” -a concept I did not fully appreciate until owning a business. The “slow” portion is not about dragging our feet on hiring, but about finding the right person and ensuring they are the right fit for our business. A team member that can deliver the same efficiency, friendliness, and quality of work you expect from Left Brain Professionals. Someone our clients love. We hope to have two new hires on board in the near future: consulting associate and staff accountant.

We’ve also been working hard to design a system that streamlines administrative work and communication. We believe our time and dedication to our team and investments in technology, will continue to set us apart allowing us to best serve our clients.

We are eternally grateful and truly blessed to have the clients we do, (and if they’re reading this) we thank you for all of your patience during this time of growth. Thank you for allowing us to make sure we are doing all we can to create something sustainable, and just as helpful as we envisioned it would be from day one.

Additional note – To better suit your needs we’ll be moving next month!
Our new address will be:

2330 Sawmill Place Blvd

Suite 517 Columbus, OH 43235