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Incurred Cost Proposal

Everything You Need to Know About Incurred Cost Proposals

Many government contractors will need to submit an Incurred Cost Proposal. It is up to your business to make sure you do one and you do it right. Here are some common questions businesses have when it comes to preparing a proposal. Do I need to submit an Incurred Cost Proposal? You will need to…

Accounting Impacts of NDAA 2018

Each year brings about new budgets and new National Defense Authorization Acts (NDAA). NDAAs address funding, strategic plans, and rules affecting the defense acquisition process. NDAA 2018 is no exception and here are the highlights regarding cost, price, and accounting. The NDAA 2018 raises the thresholds for a number of procurement regulations reflecting a recognition…

Why January is the Best Time to Begin Preparing the Incurred Cost Proposal

A new year presents new opportunities for working more efficiently and effectively. When dealing with federal contracts, the Incurred Cost Proposal (ICP) presents one of the biggest opportunities. You’re closing 2017 and preparing for taxes anyway. What better time to gather information and documents for the ICP? Not sure what an Incurred Cost Proposal is…