Risk Management

  • Mapping Labor Categories

    The administration of T&M, Labor Hour, or FFP-LOE contracts requires mapping labor categories. Review the contract requirements regarding labor categories and document a process for mapping employees. Common Requirements Education, certification, years of experience. Some require specific skill sets or direct experience with a particular agency or program. Some education and certification requirements can be […]

  • The Anatomy of Non-Disclosure Agreements

    Businesses possess a lot of information! Technical specifications, sales history, marketing plans, financial reports, manufacturing instructions, and much more. You can tell from the descriptions the value of this information. Effective relationships require the exchange of information – valuable information – so businesses (and individuals) use non-disclosure agreements (NDA) or proprietary information agreements (PIA) to […]

  • Conflicts of Interest & Coffee Jar

    Question Are there any dollar thresholds for conflicts of interest? Why do government contractors have coffee and donut jars? Answer FAR 9.5 “Organizational and Consultant Conflicts of Interest” seems most appropriate for your question. In my review of this section, I see no dollar thresholds. However, it does state inĀ 9.505: “Each individual contracting situation should […]

  • Do you know the difference between export Jurisdiction and export Classification?

    For jurisdiction purposes, companies must determine if the USML (United States Munitions List) as proscribed in the ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) or the CCL (Commodity Control List) as proscribed in the EAR (Export Administration Regulations) applies to their products or services. (ITAR is governed by the Department of State/DDTC and EAR is governed […]

  • Aggregate Value of Claim

    Question Does a $75,000 claim (FAR 33) resulting from a reduction of $350,000 and an increase of $275,000 require certification? Answer Yes. While the net change is $75,000, the aggregate change is $625,000.