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GOVOLOGY WEBINAR: To bid or not to bid – Reading and Responding to RFPs

Stop wasting time writing losing proposals. Do you have a clear bid/no-bid decision process? Focus on work you can successfully complete, and submit winning proposals. Companies fail to win work because they:

1. Did not fully understand the needs of the customer and propose a viable solution.
2. Spent more time talking about themselves instead of about the solution or how to solve the customer’s problem.
3. Did not answer all of the questions in the RFP or provide the requested information.
4. Did not follow instructions regarding file type or size, page length, or other administrative items.
5. Did not submit the proposal on time.

Winning government contracts requires an effective proposal process. This session walks through the prescribed format of government RFPs, common pitfalls, and best practices. We’ll explain the intended purpose of each section of the RFP and where to find the information necessary to prepare your proposal.

How do you answer the following questions regarding your proposal process?

1. Do we assign a proposal coordinator?
2. Does the RFP align with our strategic plan? Is the work in our wheelhouse?
3. Do we have the capacity?
4. Do we have the resources and infrastructure?
5. Do we have the funding and cash flow to perform?

Join us to learn more about the RFP and proposal process, and how to improve your chances of winning!

  • June 27, 2019
    8:00 am - 10:00 am


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