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NCMA WEBINAR: Understanding Unallowable Costs

Unallowable costs present accounting and legal challenges for government contractors. Unallowable costs are low-hanging fruit in any rate or proposal audit, and some types stand out more than others. Some contractors develop rates and proposals that unknowingly contain unallowable costs, while others take calculated risks on including some unallowable costs. Either way, contractors run the risk of reduced profit margins, overbillings, fines, penalties, delays in final rates, and legal proceedings. Join us to learn about the legal concepts of unallowable costs and the accounting practices to keep you out of trouble.

Learning Objectives:

• Locate regulations and audit guidance for unallowable costs
• Differentiate between unallowable and expressly unallowable costs
• List best practices for accounting for unallowable costs
• Assess and consider legal issues relating to unallowable costs, as discussed in recent decisions

  • NCMA Webinar: Understanding Unallowable Costs: The Accounting and Legal Perspectives
    November 14, 2019
    12:00 pm - 1:30 pm


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