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Why ICAT Systems?

Paylocity In Your Corner

Benefit Brokers

Give your clients modern, scalable solutions that meet the unique needs of their workforce.

Financial Advisors

Expand plan participation and contribution levels for a more competitive edge.


Give your members the tools to meet the demands of the modern workforce and work more efficiently.

Accounting Professionals

Relieve your clients’ compliance headaches by helping them to modernize with easy-to-use HR and payroll solutions.


Allow owners to focus on growing business and spend less time on manual tasks with modern HR and payroll solutions.


Help your clients’ employees thrive and generate new service revenue with an experience driven by automated, intuitive solutions.

Software Providers

Offer clients the flexibility of HR and payroll solutions that seamlessly integrate with your applications.


Connect with Paylocity and remove the hassle of manual data moves and time-consuming processes for clients.

Private Equity Firms

Deliver agile technology that scales quickly, reduces risk, and lowers operating costs for your portfolio.

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