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Why SpringAhead?

Client Invoices
Expense Reports

SpringAhead’s online timesheets let you create time entries using any browser, leveraging a variety of entry methods including clock-in, timers, weekly entries and more.

By including programmatic logic for project, individual and task-based bill and pay rates in the system configuration, time entries are created just once and passed through to correct payable and receivable outputs.

Plus, by making decisions on a project-by-project basis whether to pass on overtime or vacation costs to the client, you can eliminate costly billing errors in advance.

SpringAhead rolls all project billings into a single invoice per client, generated in the accounting system on export of time and expense data, alongside export of your payables.

By relying on SpringAhead to construct your client invoices, you can rest assured that markups have been applied and non-billable hours or expenses have been removed, without your personal intervention.

Plus, by generating payables and receivables simultaneously, you can dramatically close the gap between payment of employees, contractors and vendors and the receipt of funds from your own customers.

SpringAhead’s online expense reports are simple, lightweight and straightforward to use. Rely on SpringAhead to retain and store credit card statement transactions as well as receipt images for your client records.

By choosing a single system for both timesheets and expense reports, workers can track all expenses against the same customers and projects, giving you a holistic picture of the totality of time and materials spent by client.

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