Accounting Software for Government Contractors

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The ideal accounting tool for government contractors

Compliant with Defense Contract Audit Agency guidelines

SYMPAQ SQL meets all of the cost accounting guidelines specified on Standard Form 1408 (Accounting System Preaward Evaluation Checklist).

User-friendly interface

For service-based government contractors, time is literally money. Our software allows users to easily enter, access, and analyze cost accounting data.

Function-based modules

Each module encompasses a distinct area of accounting, and we’ve made it efficient for users to complete the task at hand.


With SYMPAQ SQL, you won’t have to change your software as your business grows. From fewer than ten employees and up, government contract service providers can benefit from SYMPAQ SQL’s extensive feature set that allows government contractors to grow with each new award.

Competitively priced

You need to have the right cost accounting software in place before you land that coveted federal contract. Our reasonable pricing structure makes it possible to invest in your future.


SYMPAQ SQL’s database enables seamless interaction with a variety of other software applications.

Flexible Data structures

SYMPAQ SQL’s project cost accounting structures offer a variety of methods for defining contracts, task orders, CLINs and funding. There’s no need for customization to define atypical projects.

Built on a relational database

We built SYMPAQ SQL on a relational database platform to maximize the speed and accessibility of cost accounting data. SQL database engines yield reliable high-speed performance.

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