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Why Tallie?

Expense report software built for you.

Business Owners

Relieve yourself of the headache of receipt management and manual expense report processing. Ensure employees are reimbursed on time, track where your company spends its money, and ensure all expense is properly booked into your accounting and bill pay systems.

Corporate Cardholders

Whether you have your own corporate cards or are using our card issuing platform, Tallie offers seamless card reconciliation capabilities, pulling transaction information and merging it directly into your expense report.

Frequent Travelers

Stop shoving receipts in your wallet after jotting down notes of clients or attendees. With Tallie, simply snap receipt images with your phone and let the system populate your expense report for you.

A smarter way to travel.

Cost-Controlled Travel Booking

Easily book travel on Tallie Travel, our integrated bookings platform that seamlessly enforces your policies. With vendor comparisons and pre-negotiated rates, we ensure the best prices and provide 24/7 weekday support on top of that.

Duty of Care

In the event of a disaster, use Tallie Travel and our team of agents to locate all your employees and support them with alternative travel plans taking them out of harm’s way.

Automatic Reconciliation

Bookings made on Tallie Travel flow directly into each user’s expense report. And with our learning algorithms, our system learns how to categorize your expense over time based on your behavior.

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