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Why Unanet?

Easily integrate all of your diverse project data

Track Time & Expenses

Simplify time and expense tracking for your people. Compliance is built-in, and robust auditing features have made Unanet’s time tracking and expense reporting software the best option for government contractors and has been proven in organizations from 10 to 15,000+ in size.

Business Intelligence

Real-time information is critical for effectively managing project-based organizations. Unanet’s robust dashboards and reports play a vital role in guiding good business decisions today and tomorrow.

Forecast & Plan Resources

Sluggish decision-making capabilities can kill your business. With Unanet Project-Management, real-time status reports and dashboards can accelerate that process and drive consistent delivery at the project and organizational level.


Gain control of all your direct and indirect costs, eliminating inefficiencies. Unanet’s Project-Based ERP solution consolidates a comprehensive suite of capabilities into a single software solution and eliminates the need for reconciling data between different systems.

Project Management

Leave spreadsheet chaos behind with a single source for all of your project data. Unanet Project Management delivers visibility and control to drive better decision-making and business growth with centralized project management capabilities and resource scheduling.


Facilitate the rapid, seamless automation of your data integration with external systems by leveraging the Unanet Integration Manager. From Payroll/HRIS systems to credit cards and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, the Integration Manager provides the flexibility you need to easily import your existing data without manual interventions.

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