Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures: A Road Map to Continued Compliance for Government Contractors

For government contractors, written policies and procedures are a vital component of both contract compliance and sound business management. Policies set controlling principles and direction for your company. Procedures create road maps for managing your business and reaching your goals.

DCAA and DCMA – the two agencies that audit government contracts most frequently – consider effective policies and procedures as a first line of defense against fraud and waste. Auditors will require evidence that you have established administrative and accounting policies and procedures and that everyone in your organization follows them consistently.

How We Can Help

The government accounting and compliance experts at Left Brain Professionals know government contracts and what it takes to manage them profitably.

We can help you stay in compliance and survive audits by setting up policies and procedures for accounting systems and management controls. We can-

  • Determine which policies and procedures you are required to establish and document.
  • Evaluate your current written policies.
  • Recommend new policies.
  • Train your employees in following and documenting policies and procedures.

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