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DCAA-Compliant Accounting Services Bundles

Are Government Contract Accounting Regulations Making You Want to Run FAR, FAR Away? Introducing Left Brain Professionals DCAA-Compliant Accounting Service Bundles for Government Contractors.

Government contract accounting is our area of expertise, so it doesn’t have to be yours. We only work with government contractors – it’s what we do all day, every day. While our clients and their needs vary, one thing they all have in common is limited time to maintain DCAA-compliant books and records. 

That’s why we’ve developed our new accounting service bundles for government contractors.

Choose from one of three value priced plans to meet your specific business needs and we will simplify your government contract accounting into a seamless, virtual accounting environment while ensuring DCAA compliance.

Our fixed-cost bundles allow you to accurately budget each month for your company’s accounting investments and we become the accountant, controller, and CFO for your business.

You’ll get a secure, easy and efficient way to take care of your government contract accounting needs and get peace of mind knowing your accounting processes are DCAA compliant.

All our service bundles include:

  • 100% virtual environment
  • 24/7 access to your data stored in the cloud
  • All digital, paperless accounting
  • U.S. based employees – we NEVER outsource your accounting to other firms or utilize offshore resources
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Why Left Brain Professionals

Simply put, we do one thing and we do it well – government contract accounting.

At Left Brain Professionals we’re more than bookkeepers, we’re professional accountants trained and experienced in government contract accounting. We bring over 50 years of accounting experience and more than 30 years of government contract experience to the table.

We stand firm in our knowledge of government contract accounting requirements, the configuration of our virtual environment, and the processes employed to ensure compliance. We know the requirements of an adequate accounting system according to the SF 1408, FAR 31 Cost Principles, and the Cost Accounting Standards and we’ve built all of those requirements into our virtual environment and processes.

Sure, other firms can provide bookkeeping or accounting services, but can they provide the expertise you need for DCAA compliance?

How it Works

This is your accounting system. You select from one of our three plan options and we configure and administer it for you. Each client’s system is stand-alone. While we design and administer the system in a DCAA-compliant manner, determination of an adequate system in accordance with the SF 1408 is on a client-by-client basis and relies heavily on practices employed at the client level such as:

  • Categorization of expenses as direct vs indirect and allowable vs unallowable
  • Daily timekeeping
  • Following contract-specific requirements
  • Identification of direct costs by contract and CLIN
  • Review and approval of all time sheets, expense reports, purchase orders, vendor bills, and customer invoices
cloud-based accounting services provided

We utilize the following cloud-based services to provide you a seamless, virtual accounting environment.

  • Expensify – expense reporting and credit card reconciliation
  • Hubdoc – document management and aggregator of other online accounts
  • Paylocity – Payroll and HR Management
  • PowerBI – custom dashboards and reporting
  • QuickBooks Bill Pay or – online accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • QuickBooks Online – core accounting system and general ledger
  • Rewind backups
  • TSheets – timekeeping

Once we provision, configure, and integrate all the accounts, you can simply start entering all time and expenses in one of our automated tools and let the system do the rest.

Upload receipts from your phone, tablet, PC, Wi-fi scanner, or email them to your private document storage. The system is configured to automatically process as many transactions as possible. (Note that some receipts and documents may not be machine readable and the system may not be able to accurately determine the correct contract or expense account of certain items.)

You review and approve all time sheets, expense reports, purchase orders, vendor bills, and customer invoices.

We ensure everything is in compliance with the SF 1408, FAR 31 Cost Principles, Cost Accounting Standards (as required), and contract-specific requirements. And, we provide govcon/DCAA-compliant guidance on all accounting transactions.

Your Privacy

We take cybersecurity seriously. We’ve been teaching cyber hygiene and DoD/DFARS cybersecurity requirements since 2015 and  we stand behind the security and privacy we provide our clients.

  • We are currently seeking our CMMC Level 2 readiness
  • We ensure our U.S. based employees undergo comprehensive background checks with 10-year employment history and 10-panel drug screen
  • We promise to never outsource your accounting to other firms or utilize offshore resources
  • We require multifactor authentication on all network devices and client accounts
  • We utilize a private VPN for any remote work

Your data is secure in the cloud, never stored on our servers. Your data is yours and should be accessible to you 24/7. More importantly, you should be able to take or use your data anytime you want. Our virtual environment is configured for always-on access on any device. You own the accounts, we provide the configuration, support, and billing as part of our monthly service to you.

The data for each segment of the environment is stored on the respective provider’s servers. Click the links below to learn more about the data, privacy, and security of each service.

Man using laptop in home office Male hands typing on keyboard
  • – SOC 1 and SOC 2 attested security and privacy 
  • Expensify (Expensify is a trusted partner of the AICPA and

Plan Options

We believe in transparency and honesty in all that we do, including the details of our pricing and the terms and conditions of our agreements. You’ll find everything you need to know right here with no unexpected surprises in our written agreement. Select the plan that best fits your budget and business needs from our Light, Plus and Premium options.

  Light Plus Premium Custom
QBO + Integrations  
QBO Bill Pay  
Bill.com1 $100/month  $100/month   
Rewind Backups  
Bank & Credit Card Feeds  
Indirect Rate Calculator  
Unlimited Email Support  
Phone Support 4 hours 6 hours 8 hours  
Free Wi-Fi Scanner $425  
Transactional Support2 +  
– Timekeeping3 +  
– Payroll Journal Entries4 +  
– Expense Reports  +  
– Invoice Preparation in QBO  +  
– Fixed Asset Tracking  +  
Accounting Process Manual  $1,999   
Custom Invoice Templates  $25/each  $25/each  Unlimited  
Vendor Payments5 $250/month  $250/month   
Balance Sheet Reconciliations  Hourly Hourly  
Payroll Processing (Paylocity)6 $275/month $275/month  
Monthly Financial Statement Analysis  Hourly Hourly  
2-Day Quarterly Site Visit (travel extra)  $1,800/day $1,800/day  
End of Year processing  Hourly Hourly  
Prices start at:7 $899 /month $1,899/month $3,499 /month
Setup Fee  $899  $1,899  $3,499   

* We do not process payroll and will not provide any payroll tax filings. You can keep your existing payroll provider or use our recommended provider, Paylocity. We will create and post payroll journal entries for accurate expense reporting and labor distribution necessary for govcon compliance. 

Setup fee includes the provisioning and configuration of: 

  • QuickBooks Online
    • Bank and Credit Card Feeds
    • Customers, Sub-Customers, and Projects
    • GovCon Chart of Accounts 
    • Service Items 
  • TSheets 
    • Integration and sync with QBO which automatically pulls in Employees, Customers, and Projects
  • Expensify
    • Configuration of Domain and Corporate Credit Cards 
    • Integration and sync with QBO which automatically pulls in Employees, Customers, Projects, and Chart of Accounts 
  • Hubdoc
    • Configuration of vendor accounts such as UPS, FedEx, Spectrum, Verizon, etc.
    • Integration with QBO which automatically pulls in Customers, Projects, and Chart of Accounts
  • Rewind Backups
    • Configuration of automated daily backups

+ Additional services outside the scope defined above are billed at prevailing hourly or daily rates as addressed below. Additional services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Accounting system surveys (gap analysis) 
  • Audit support 
  • Budgets 
  • Incurred cost proposals 
  • Strategic planning 

Services not included in a plan can be added to any plan separately for an additional fee. Those include- 

  • Additional phone support 
  • Vendor invoicing
  • On-site visit one day/multiple days (travel extra) 
  • Balance sheet account reconciliation 
  • Custom invoice templates ($25 each) 
  • Payroll journal entries 
  • Financial statement analysis 
  • End of year processing 
  • Process manuals  
  • Accounting policy manual  
  • Employee on-boarding ($75 each) 

Call for separate pricing for add-on services. 

Any of our Consulting Services can be easily added to your Accounting Service Bundle at a 10%-15% discount off prevailing rates. Our Consulting Services include 

  • Budget & Forecasting 
  • M&A Support 
  • Bids & Proposals
  • Incurred Cost Proposals 
  • SF 1408 System Assessments 
  • DCAA/DCMA Audit Preparation
  • CFO & Strategic Planning 
  • Cybersecurity 


Not using QuickBooks Online? Looking for a custom solution? We can help!  

Our services easily translate to other accounting software packages including QuickBooks Desktop, Unanet, SYMPAQ, PROCAS, Dynamics NAV, and more. 

Client Responsibility 

We designed the setup and configuration of QuickBooks Online and integrated software solutions to automate a significant portion of the traditional bookkeeping tasks. These accounting support service packages are not bookkeeping services. The client is responsible for: 

  • Submitting and approving all time entries and expense reports 
  • Coding all transactions to the correct G/L account 
  • Assigning the proper job/project 
  • Attaching all relevant invoices, receipts, or other documents.  

Firm Responsibility 

We provide the professional guidance and consultation necessary to help you maintain GAAP and government contract compliance. We’re here to: 

  • Maintain the QBO configuration 
  • Answer questions on the proper treatment of costs 
  • Suggest industry best practices for job costing and other government contract accounting compliance 
  • Provide guidance on policies, procedures, and daily processing of transactions 

Some packages include more detailed support as defined above. We strive to provide the following levels of service: 

  • Email and phone support – first response within one business day 
  • Month-end closing and reports – within five business days of receiving all relevant documents and information 
  1. Includes 1 client user. Additional client users $25/each/month.
  2. Client completes data entry by using the electronic tools (LBP support: resolve issues, journal entries, advise)
  3. Client is responsible time entry and expense approval
  4. This does not include payroll processing
  5. Includes the first 15 payments per month. Each additional payment is $10 per month.
  6. Base price includes up to 5 employees for payroll processing. Additional employees are $25 each per month. This fee is in addition to timekeeping and expense reporting.
  7. Base price includes up to 5 employees for timekeeping and expense reporting. Additional employees are $17 each per month.