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SF 1408 Gap Analysis

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Audit Prep & Remediation

Advisory Services

Regardless of size, a business deserves CFO and controller-level expertise to guide it through its lifecycle. At Left Brain Professionals, we recognize that it’s not feasible for every company to afford its own executive financial managers, so we offer fractional support to meet these needs.

Mispricing of services is the key reason businesses lose money. Our support with the development of Indirect Rate Strategies can mitigate critical issues in pricing and ensure a Total Cost Recovery, making profitability more easily identifiable.

It’s too late to become compliant once DCAA’s auditors arrive for a pre-award audit. Left Brain Professionals has a 100% pass rate for companies undertaking our SF1408 Gap Analysis process before a pre-award audit.

When an audit looms, we offer Audit Prep & Remediation. We can help you prepare for an upcoming audit and review the audit findings to help you decide how to make things right.

If it’s a DCAA Audit, our support can include joining you for the meeting, taking it on your behalf, or showing you how to execute it on your own. Ultimately, we offer you the support to make you comfortable and confident about the audit.

Let us do the heavy lifting with your government contracts. Contact us today.