The incurred cost proposal (ICP) is required by FAR 52.216-7 “Allowable Cost and Payment” for all flexibly-priced contracts and subcontracts. The ICP is a data-intensive project that requires accounting, contract, and organizational information from multiple systems, people, and functional areas of your business. We prepare the ICP using our template that is based on DCAA’s ICE Model.

The data request includes, among other things:

  •  Trial Balance
  •  Income Statement
  •  Balance Sheet
  •  Indirect Rate Report
  •  Job Cost Ledger
  •  Invoicing Details
  •  T&M Data
  •  Contract Briefs
  •  Subcontract Briefs
  •  Executive Compensation

Due to the extensive time necessary to complete this work and ensure efficiency in our workload, work begins after all items on the Data Request (sent separately) are uploaded to Teams.

Why Left Brain Professionals

You don’t complete your own tax returns, so why would you complete your own incurred cost proposal? Take to the professionals.

We have 20 years of incurred cost proposal experience. We’ve completed simple, moderate, and complex proposals and worked with DCAA to resolve issues and mitigate findings. We know what the auditors are looking for and can help you pass the adequacy determination and audits.

Plans & Pricing

Basic Intermediate Advanced
# of Pools Up to 3 Up to 5 Up to 7
Additional Pools $1,000 $1,000 $1,000
# of Active Contracts* Up to 10 Up to 20 Up to 40
Additional Contracts $150 $150 $150
Fixed Price $5,000 year 1
$3,500 each additional
$8,500 year 1
$6,750 each additional
$10,000 year 1
$8,000 each additional

*An active contract is an individual contract, purchase order, task order, delivery order, or CLIN that requires line-item reporting and reconciliation. Fees for additional active contracts are necessary due to the amount of work required to properly organize and report the data.

The fees listed above include project kickoff, preparation, and two 60-minute client review meetings. Time to clean, organize, or prepare data is beyond the scope of the fixed-price agreement and billable at $200/hour.

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