Left Brain Professionals can help you design and implement a DCAA-compliant accounting solution. We work with several vendors to help you select the right tool that meets your business needs and fits within your budget and schedule. We act as an interpreter speaking the languages of both businesses and software developers. We help ensure our clients get what they want and that the software implementation team understands the client’s needs.

Clients often think that new accounting software will solve their accounting, reporting, or back-office problems. While new software often provides new features and functions to enhance processes, clients often lack written policies & procedures, have bad processes, or don’t know their processes. New software will not solve these problems because the software implementation team needs to know your policies and procedures so they can configure the software to meet your needs.

We recommend starting with an SF 1408 Gap Analysis to evaluate your current system and identify areas of improvement. This helps your team understand the requirements for an adequate accounting system. It also gives us an opportunity to help you fix things before shoving bad data and broken processes into a new system.

Seven Phases of Software Implementation

1. Gap Analysis & Requirements

This phase identifies gaps in your current accounting system and lets you identify all requirements for your next system. The gap analysis evaluates your current policies, procedures, and processes against the requirements of U.S. GAAP, the SF 1408 Preaward Survey of Prospective Contractor Accounting System, and industry best practices. Clients often use the implementation of new software as an opportunity to automate processes and integrate systems. All these requirements flow into a document that can be shared with software vendors as a roadmap for the ideal solution.

We can perform a formal SF 1408 Gap Analysis as a separate engagement or as part of a comprehensive software implementation project.

2. Vendors, Software, & Demos

Once the client’s requirements are clearly defined, we identify software vendors and participate in demos. Please take this time to evaluate multiple options to make sure the software meets your needs. You’ll likely participate in multiple demos with multiple vendors.

This phase also includes quotes for licenses, maintenance, and implementation.

3. Configuration

The configuration phase includes database setup, company information, and configuration of basic settings such as financial, timekeeping, and pay periods. Note that this is only a configuration of settings within the core software and does not include any custom code.

4. Data Migration

Data migration is focused on lists of values, such as employees, customers, and vendors. Data migration also includes open balances for the trial balance and summary information for contracts that require year-to-date or inception-to-date reporting.

We do not support data migration of historical transaction details.

5. Testing

One of the most critical phases of software implementation is testing processes and imported data. This is your chance to make sure the software is properly configured, processes are adequately defined, and data is correctly imported.

Testing involves running multiple versions of the following scenarios:

• Order to Cash
• Procure to Pay
• Timekeeping to Payroll
• Month-End Close

6. Training

The training phase includes updating policies and procedures, drafting new work instructions, and delivering training to end users.

7. Go-Live

Go-Live is the day you go live with your new system. Go-Live support includes the first day, first week, and first monthly close.

How Left Brain Professionals Can Help

We work for you, the client, not the software vendor. We never assume that a particular software package will meet the needs of all clients. We’re here to ensure you get a solution that meets your needs, budget, and schedule.

Government Contract Accounting Expertise

We know government contract accounting and will ensure your accounting system is properly designed from the policies and procedures, the configuration of software, and internal controls.

Certified Public Accounting Firm

We’re a CPA firm led by a CPA with 25+ years of accounting experience. We’re knowledgeable of U.S. GAAP, corporate taxation, and audits. We’ll ensure your system is ready for financial reviews, audits, and government contract compliance.

Project Management

Successful software implementations require a methodical approach and attention to detail. We can manage projects through all seven phases, ensuring a successful go-live.

Accounting Software Knowledge

We have experience with several software platforms, including PROCAS, GovCon365, Costpoint, Vantagepoint, Ajera, Unanet, IFS, and more. This broad experience allows us to learn new software and quickly apply our knowledge across platforms.

System Implementation Experience

We know the software implementation process from 18 years of experience implementing small and large solutions, from QuickBooks for startups to IFS for a $50M electronics manufacturer and Dynamics NAV for a 300-employee staffing company.

Bandwidth Support

Software implementation projects can burden your already overworked staff. We’re here to dive in and help with all aspects of the implementation project and your daily activities.

Most importantly, we work for you, not the software vendor.

Our Stance on QuickBooks

With our focus on providing best-in-class government contract accounting support and advisory services, we decided to stop supporting QuickBooks. We recognize that QuickBooks is user friendly and appears to be an affordable solution but falls short in its ability to adequately serve the government contracting community. Changes in the accounting software marketplace have introduced affordable solutions designed specifically for government contractors that are comparably priced to a QuickBooks plus add-ons environment.

What this means for you

We’re not eliminating any clients. We’ll work with new and existing QuickBooks clients for up to one year while they transition to a different software platform. In keeping with our history of unbiased guidance, we’re happy to recommend the following options and will work with you to determine the solution that best meets your needs:

  • Deltek Costpoint
  • GovCon365
  • Unanet

We realize that an accounting firm not supporting QuickBooks may seem shocking, but we believe this is some of the best advice we can provide to our government contract accounting clients. In case you wanted to know, here’s a sneak peek at sample pricing for a contractor with 20 total employees with 2 full-access accounting users.

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