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Government Contract Training from GovCon Compliance Experts

The U.S. federal government is the largest single customer in the world, purchasing over $500 billion dollars worth of goods and services each year. Many small business owners want to sell to the government but find it difficult to navigate the maze of federal regulations involved in doing business with Uncle Sam. Others have won contracts as a prime or subcontractor but need support to manage contracts and agency relationships. Left Brain Professionals is here to help both beginning and experienced contractors.

Our GovCon accounting experts know government contracts. With more than 25 years combined experience in managing federal contracts and over a decade of training experience, trainers teach small business contractors how to:

  • Compete for federal government contracts.
  • Comply with a changing array of federal regulations.
  • Manage contracts profitably.
  • Meet government cybersecurity requirements.
  • Prepare incurred cost proposals.
  • Prepare for and survive DCAA and DCMA audits.
  • Select and install DCAA compliant accounting systems.

Our experts will help you learn to navigate the complex world of federal business opportunities. Our training covers the foundations of federal government contracting and keeps you up-to-date on emerging topics in the federal contracting industry. Training topics range from government contract compliance and accounting systems design through audit support and cybersecurity consulting.

Choose from an Array of Government Contract Training Options

Depending on your needs, you can learn from our trainers through seminars and webinars organized by professional associations, through online certificate courses through Govology and Management Concepts, and through custom, on-site training developed specifically for your company.

Professional Association Seminars and Webinars

Our presentations range from one-hour webinars to multi-day sessions at the nation’s premier government contract conferences, such as:

Online Certificate Courses

Left Brain Professionals has developed a number of on-demand training courses that are eligible for continuing education credits. Designed for business owners and contracting professionals, these courses allow you to learn at your own pace. Current offerings include:

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  • Accounting for PPP Loan Success
  • Advanced Indirect Rates
  • Building Government Contract Indirect Rates
  • Unallowable Costs


  • Cost Accounting Standards
  • Developing Your First Cost & Price Proposal
  • Fundamentals of Indirect Rates
  • GovCon Accounting Policies & Procedures


  • Lay the Foundation of Government Contract Accounting
  • Obtaining an Adequate (“Approved”) Accounting System
  • Unraveling the Mystery of DCAA Compliance for Government Contracts

Earn free CPE credits by participating in a live webinar, or pay a modest fee for the self-study/on-demand versions. 

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  • Accounting System Compliance for Non- Accountants
  • Analyzing Your Government Contract Cybersecurity Compliance
  • GovCon training designed for PTAC counselors and their clients
  • Unallowable Costs 2018 – An Update on a Favorite Topic
  • See all courses taught by Robert Jones…
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Custom, On-Site Training

Too busy for conferences? Prefer a hands-on approach? Left Brain Professionals can come to you. Bring us your training needs, and we will develop custom training modules for your business.

Contact us today to discuss how Left Brain Professionals can help you learn to manage government contracts more profitably and keep your organization up-to-date on the dynamic environment of government contracting.

Previous Topics Include

  • Accounting for Contract Managers: The True Love Language of Contracts!
  • Advanced Issues in Cost and Price Analysis and Cost Realism
  • Complexity of Pricing in the Commercial Marketplace
  • Efficient Contract Review for Effective Compliance
  • How to Complete the Incurred Cost Proposal with Success!
  • Implementing a FAR Part 31 Compliant Cost Accounting System
  • Proposal Adequacy Checklist
  • Subcontract Management from A to Z
  • The Secret to Increasing Supply Chain Competition

Meet Our Speakers and Trainers

Robert E Jones

Robert E. Jones knows government contracts: How to qualify for them. How to manage them. And how to profit from them. With over 17 years of Department of Defense contract and accounting experience, he helps companies successfully navigate the complex legal and regulatory framework of federal contracting.

Robert E. Jones

Melissa Metzger

MAFM, CPA Candidate
Melissa Metzger brings dynamic professional experience to Left Brain Professionals with over 20 years of accounting, financial, and operational leadership. With more than 10 years of FAR, HUD and DCAA Federal Regulatory Experience, she helps companies improve bottom line growth.

Melissa Metzger

What Audiences Are Saying About Our Training

K. H., Conference Attendee
Though the topic is over my head, your presentation materials and references were great! I love the postcards you gave out as well. What a nice touch.
I. G., Conference Attendee

I was lucky enough to be in a couple of your presentations this past week. I was very impressed with your presentations.

Rita Rose, National Contract Management Association
Director of Member & Chapter Development

Your support of the Spring Chapter Leader Summit was great. You did a fantastic job getting them up and talking; exactly what we needed and exactly what they wanted.

IMA Conference 2019 Attendee

BRING THIS GUY BACK!!! It was great! It was VERY helpful. Best session I attended all conference!!

Susan Mitchell, CE2 Engineers, Inc.

I enjoyed the webinar and I’m glad I can replay it again to go over questions as I use the calculators. These and the handouts with examples will both be useful since we have our first small federal contract and would like to seek more federal opportunities.

Jeff Fitzmayer, Semper Environmental, LLC

Thank you and LBP for a great (fantastic!) webinar and for making the calculator tool and example available, and its great to know those webinars are on YouTube.