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The LeftBrainPro Process

Welcome to the LeftBrainPro family. Here’s what you can expect:

New Client Discovery

Schedule a New Client Discovery call with one of our professionals. The floor is all yours. We’re here to listen to your needs and questions. We’ll tell you if and how we can help, then discuss the next steps. You’ll see that this is not a hard-core sales pitch focused on the close.

New Client Agreements via Zoho Sign

By completing this form, we’ll generate an NDA and engagement letter specific to your needs that will be delivered via Zoho Sign.

Welcome & Onboarding Email

Upon receipt of your signed agreements, we’ll start the onboarding process with a welcome email detailing the next steps.

Microsoft Teams

We store all client data in unique private Microsoft Teams hosted in Microsoft’s Government Community Cloud (GCC), operating at the FedRAMP High Impact level, so your data is always secure. We ask that you upload all documents and files to Teams and refrain from emailing sensitive information. Teams is also a collaboration tool that allows invited individuals from your team and ours to access information that might otherwise be lost in an email sent to a single individual.

Zoho Projects

We utilize Zoho Projects to organize and monitor all of our work. Your invitation allows you to see all tasks, their status and interact with us on the progress of your project.

We post weekly Forums to share the status and other information related to your project. We encourage you to read and respond to the Forum posts as they often contain data requests or questions that require your attention.

Zoho Books Customer Portal

We utilize Zoho Books for all accounting tasks, including timekeeping, expense reporting, and customer invoicing. You can access and pay all invoices and communicate with our internal accounting team about your account.

Please advise us which of your team members needs access to Teams, Projects, and Books.

New Client Orientation

Need help accessing Teams, Projects, or Books? Confused about where to upload your documents or how to use the Forums? We’re here to help. Schedule a free 30-minute New Client Orientation call to get up and running.

Data Request

Many projects, such as the Incurred Cost Proposal and SF 14080 Gap Analysis, have a specific data request you’ll receive via email and find inside Teams and Projects. We ask that you upload all requested information to Teams before the kickoff meeting and commencement of work. We are most efficient when we have all data and can avoid multiple back-and-forth requests. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions about any items on the request.

Retainer Invoice

You’ll receive a retainer invoice (see below for more details) that must be paid in full before the commencement of work.

Project Kickoff

Let the work begin! Once you’ve uploaded all requested documents, schedule a Project Kickoff call at your earliest convenience. We’ll use this time to review your project, documents, and data and discuss the timeline for completion. This call is most effective after you upload your data so we can ensure we have everything we need.

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New Client Agreements

Please complete this form to generate a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and engagement letter for your next project. You’ll receive the documents via Zoho Sign. Note that we need new engagement letters for each project, even if you’re an existing client.

New Client Agreements

Jump to Sections:   Process  |  Client Agreements  |  Retainers  |  Onboarding Questionnaires


Retainers allow us to simplify billing, manage cash flow, ensure we’re compensated for work performed, and help us to provide affordable fixed-price arrangements for many of our services. All clients must maintain a retainer minimum balance of $1,000 plus one month of projected expenses at the beginning of each month. Retainer balances that fall below project minimums will be invoiced on the 15th of the month for the following month. Retainer invoices must be paid in full before the commencement of work.

Initial Retainer

The initial retainer is calculated as follows and invoiced upon acceptance of the engagement letter:

  • Onboarding or setup fees +
  • Estimated or actual monthly fees +
  • $1,000 buffer for additional hours or expenses


On June 15, Client A selected the Safety Net monthly support package ($1,199/month) to begin on July 1.

June 15 Invoice
Item Amount
New Client Onboarding Fee July 1 $2,500
Safety Net Package July 1 $1,199
Retainer $1,000
Total Initial Invoice $4,699
July 15 Invoice
Item Amount
Safety Net Package August 1 $1,199
Invoice Total $1,199
Retainer Balance $1,000

Jump to Sections:   Process  |  Client Agreements  |  Retainers  |  Onboarding Questionnaires

Onboarding Questionnaires

We use a series of questionnaires as part of the onboarding process to get information about your business and project so that we can give you the best guidance. Think of these like the health history questionnaires when you visit the doctor. This information is invaluable when evaluating your situation and developing a treatment plan.

We have a general questionnaire for all clients and additional questionnaires specific to each type of engagement. Your advisor will send the electronic forms via email.

Robert was a fantastic asset to our team for the roughly year and a half that he supported us. His knowledge of defense contracting practices and best standards was outstanding. However, more importantly beyond just being a wealth of knowledge, he found a number of high impact ways to put his expertise to use to help us drive efficiency and close compliance risk. He provided outstanding audit support during our CPSR both in preparation for the audit as well as real-time during the event. He also provided strategic guidance and project management support for several technological system enhancements around compliance documentation that increased both standardization and productivity.

Unlike many consultants, Robert is always ready to get his hands dirty and actually drive solutions forward instead of just playing the role of armchair adviser. He would return fantastic project results while simultaneously training our team along the way to help us bolster and build competence in internal resources.

Bradley Dembo, Sr. Director – Material & Planning at BAE Systems

Knowledgeable, conscientious work. Pleasant to work with, and instructive to those without previous Government Accounting experience. Highly recommend for those contemplating Government contracting.

Gary Neidig, ITAMCO

Robert is a commensurate professional. I would recommend Robert to any client looking to resolve a regulatory compliance, accounting, or contracting issue.  

Scott Sewell, Director I, OSI Business Solutions

Robert’s knowledge of defense contracting and export regulations and related processes is exemplary. I’d place him in the top 5% in his field based on my 8 years as a defense contractor and 15 years of active duty acquisition service. He is a true professional…it was a pleasure to work with him.

David Snyder

As a government contracts lawyer, I hate to admit it but, to me, an experienced accountant is the most important professional for a government contractor. Robert is my go-to accountant when my clients bring me an issue involving government accounting, cost principles, audits, etc. He’s very good!

Terry O'Connor, Berenzweig Leonard

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