Gathering everything you need…
to get the job done.

Left Brain Professionals is a small business dedicated to helping other small businesses. Here are a few of our favorite resources you may find helpful for your business.

Working at a desk using a calculator

Bids & Proposals

Typing on a calculator


Two Women typing on computers

Chart of Accounts

Using a mouse with a computer

Cost Accounting Standards

Rolls of Bills

Cost & Price Analysis

Statistical Graphs on a laptop

Cost Pools

Board Meeting

Far 31 & Unallowable Costs

Scrabble Tiles

Government Contract Acronyms

Using a calculator

Incurred Cost Proposal

Calculating Money

Indirect Rates

Weekly Planner

Policies & Procedures

Calculating Money

SF1408 Gap Analysis


At Left Brain Professionals, we teach our clients how to fish. We offer templates, models, checklists, and instructions that are exceedingly useful tools. While we could sell these tools, we provide them for free to our clients and potential clients. An informed client is the best client, and we’ve found our client relationships improve when clients can understand what is being accomplished with the work.

Before meeting us, you can utilize these resources to understand the government’s expectations. We are here to answer questions and move you to the next level. Once you master one area and it’s time to graduate into another, we can make the path a little easier, and the reward comes a little sooner for our clients.

We’ll lead you down the right path with your government contracts. Contact us today.