Leverage Your Business Data Strategically

All businesses, even government contractors, have a vision of what they will ultimately become. Getting there requires focus and deliberate action toward your mission’s objectives. These two interrelated concepts have one common factor: they need fair, accurate, complete, and timely information – FACTS –  in order to be successful.

Planning where you’re going is only half of the puzzle. Extracting specific, relevant, and timely business data provides the results of your activities. When this data is analyzed routinely and correlated appropriately, your planning improves exponentially and you increase the likelihood and the impact of achieving your vision.

How We Can Help

Left Brain Professionals have over 25 years of experience in utilizing business data in guiding companies through sustained top-line and bottom-line growth. From manufacturing to service industries, we have the knowledge and proven track record in strategic analysis and planning.

  • Dashboard development
  • Financial budgets and forecasts
  • Forward/provision rate calculation
  • Indirect rate structure analysis
  • Key Performance Indicator selection and analysis
  • Power BI setup and deployment
  • Process/Operational efficiencies
  • Profit-margin analysis and optimization

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