We provide on-site and remote training for your employees and subcontractors.  

Topics include: (according or page for each topic with description, learning objectives, links to Resources, and embedded video) 

  • Foundation of GovCon Accounting 
  • Fundamentals of Indirect Rates 
  • Advanced Indirect Rates 
  • Indirect Rates Hands-on Workshop 
  • Preparing Your First Cost & Price Proposal 
  • Cost Accounting Standards 
  • Obtaining an Adequate (aka “Approved”) Accounting System 
  • GovCon Accounting Policies & Procedures 
  • FAR 31 & Unallowable Costs 
  • Timekeeping & Labor Distribution 
  • Strategic Pricing 
  • Job Costing 
  • Completing the Incurred Cost Proposal 

We also provide government contract accounting and compliance training through these trusted partners: (include logo and links) 



Management Concepts